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Lovers 2. Find love online. Lovers2 is an international community based dating and contacts website, where members can look to find love or friendship. Lovers2 is free to join and allows limited functionality including the facility to contact members using free ice breaker messages. Simply fill out the new users section. Join and win prizes! Features include: mobile phone dating, sms communications, online chat, competitions.
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Lovers 2. Are you looking for love? Browse 1000's of singles for free.
Lovers 2. Are you looking for love? Browse 1000's of singles for free.

Lovers 2 has been heavily featured, members registered in 90 countries.

Lovers 2 is the fastest growing dating and contacts site on the Internet. This is due to our unique concept of offering members the chance to feature on Billboards in major cities around the world. We have been heavily featured in many newspaper articles, radio shows, and television programs on every continent, and have members registered in 90 countries. As a global company, new members are joining every single hour of every day of the week - 24/7! Always innovative, new creative ideas are in the pipeline - if you think you hadn't heard of us, you probably had but just didn't realise it.

Dating tips.

Make sure your profile is correct and your description is detailed, genuine and interesting to read. Your username and opening line are the first thing a potential date looks at when deciding whether or not to contact you. Try to include as much information about yourself as you can.

We would advise you to add a photo to your profile. Profiles with a photo receive a greater response than those without. When selecting your photos try and make sure they are of good quality.

Don't wait for someone to make the first move, show them you are not afraid to get what you want by sending them the first message.

Try to be as honest as possible, you could be found out if you lie, so don't jeopardise your chances.

Safety tips.

Do not reveal any personally identifiable information in your profile. Never include your last name, real email address, home address, phone number or place of work.

Before you consider meeting up with anyone make sure you’ve got to know them well online first.

It's almost always a good idea to chat on the phone a few times before meeting up with someone.

You are never obligated to meet anyone regardless of your level of online intimacy. No one should pressure you into revealing anything about yourself that you want to keep private.

Never meet an online date in real life without having first told someone you trust who you are meeting and where. If you are feeling particularly nervous you could take a friend along with you. Try to meet and stay in public places, such as a restaurant or a coffee shop in a mall or a shopping centre.

Online dating is possibly the safest way to meet single men and women.

Competitions. A holiday to Barbados has been won! What next?

Lovers 2 is happy to announce that our first big competition has now been won!

The prize was a holiday for two to Barbados, and included flights and luxury accomodation. The draw took place at a public festival last week in the streets of Birmingham, UK and all of our eligible members from around the world were entered.

Numbers were drawn from a hat by a random member of the public. The number from the first hat corresponded with a set of 1,000 members, then another random person was asked to pick from another hat containing numbers from 1 to 1,000 to decide the specific winner. They were also allowed to check that the rest of the numbers in both hats were all different. A printed master-list of numbers/members was brought out and the winner looked up and confirmed by the public.

Contacting the lucky member took us a few days as it was a holiday weekend and the winner was out of reach. He thought it was a joke at first, claiming he didn't even know there was a competition going on, and was suspicious of why we needed his full contact details. (For the aeroplane tickets of course!) Once we managed to convince him though, he was ecstatic.

As he is still looking to meet Miss Right we won't name him yet, and the holiday can be taken at any time during the next twelve months. We wish him the best in finding someone. He has promised to let us know when he does, and also to send us some holiday snaps.

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