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Perfect Match. You've experienced the dating scene. Now you're ready to move up to the next stage: Sharing your life with a soul mate. Perfect Match is unique in its approach to helping you in this most important journey. Perfect Match is a community of like-minded adults seeking long-term relationships. Our program utilizes a scientifically based personality test developed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. The test allows you to choose your matches based on similarity and complementary factors. Remember, this is not an online dating site. We won't be sending you 10 matches a day. Rather, our exclusive approach is more refined, resulting in fewer, but more qualified matches. Finding your true love isn't something we want to rush. Be patient. Your perfect match is out there. And make no mistake about it, we will find them... We guarantee it.
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Other sites gave me matches. PerfectMatch gave me Ryan.
Other sites gave me matches. PerfectMatch gave me Ryan.

True love at Perfect Match

You're more likely to find your true love at Perfect Match, the Internet's fastest growing relationship site! Our approach is based on 30 years of research. Members enjoy a FREE compatibility profile, highly compatible matches, easy to use features, partners like Lifetime TV and best in class member support. At Perfect Match, you'll find real, lasting love, guaranteed! Dr Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is the leading relationship expert in the nation. She's a Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and an M.A. and Ph.D in Sociology from Yale University. Dr. Schwartz has often appeared on "Oprah", "The Today Show", "Dateline NBC", "Good Morning America" and CNN. She also holds the distinction of being the only relationship expert on the Web who's a published authority, as well as a professor at a major U.S. university.

DuetTM, the Personality Profile test

Our Personality Profiler, DuetTM, doesn't just match people because they have similar character traits. It actually describes and explains complete personality types. It's the only test of its kind. And, the only one grounded in research on the individual characteristics that matter. Better yet, it's the only one that tells you which traits your partner should share and which should be different. You also have the option of configuring the Profiler any way you want, allowing you to experiment with other personality types - should you so desire. We'll begin our exhaustive search immediately for your perfect match. Meanwhile, you'll have the opportunity to use the Profiler results as a search tool to find the exact type of person in which you’re interested. Our test is based on the same theory that inspired the famous Myers Briggs Type Indicator®. We strongly believe it’s much more sophisticated and effective than any romantic matching tool on or off the net.

Perfect Match is not an online "dating" site.

PerfectMatch is a community of like-minded adults seeking long-term relationships. We don't recommend it for those who aren't ready to "settle down". When you are ready to commit – we'll be here waiting for you!

The cost and benefits of a subscription to

Being a part of our community is FREE! You’ll find many useful features and tests, all designed to assist you in your process of finding your perfect match. You'll find someone with whom you're truly compatible! Keep in mind, overnight successes usually don't exist in a search for true love. We'll work with you to find a long-term relationship, so be patient. Utilize our tools and tips, and you'll find long-term success.

When You're Done with Quantity, Meet Quality at PerfectMatch!

"A world renowned expert on relationships, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, has put her knowledge to excellent use in this profiler...It's exciting to see a useable tool for people in search of romance and commitment." - Barry Glassner, Ph.D, Professor, University of Southern California Author, "The Culture of Fear".

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Perfect Match :: about finding love and lasting relationships

Perfect Match :: Perfect Match is an online relationships and dating community featuring singles serious about finding love and lasting relationships. Perfect Match utilizes the Duet Total Compatibility Profiler to match members. The best approach to finding your Perfect Match. Perfectmatch offers you what other dating sites can't - highly compatible matches and advanced search tools, while we actively work with you to find the person right for you. Our Duet Total Compatibility System takes into account the whole you - personality, life and lovestyle, values and preferences - matching you on what really counts in a lasting relationship. Members have access to our powerful Search Tools, while behind the scenes, we never stop looking for your Perfect Match. Advice and support from leading relationship authority Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

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