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Single Parent Love Life Single Parent Love Life. Online dating service for single moms and dads. Who in his right mind would ever date a single mom? With Single Parent Love Life you don't have to spend one moment warning potential suitors you are a parent in your profile. With Single Parent Love Life you're always "front of the line", your application for membership always accepted. Welcome to Single Parent Love Life, the best Internet dating site for single parents and the enlightened singles open to meeting them. Online dating service for single moms and dads.
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Single Parent Love Life.
Single Parent Love Life.

Anyone who contacts you in SPLL system already understands that your children are your priority.

Single Parent Love Life (SPLL) is committed to making it easier for Single Parents (SPs) to find friendship, a date, passion or the love of a lifetime. We are also the first Internet dating site to focus on introducing the millions of single men and women without children who are completely open to meeting a single parent.

We're excited to be launched and we invite you to join and grow with us so we can be the best we can be for you.

Our members are pre-qualified as either single parents, or SP-friendly. This means you don't have to pause while writing your profile and wonder how to "mention" the fact that you have children! Nor do you have to worry any more: "Does the person 'smiling' at you or emailing you have a place in their heart for my kids?" We know the answer is Yes on SPLL. Anyone who contacts you already understands that your children are your priority.

When you create your profile you'll notice that Single Parent Love Life Preferences are designed with the single parent in mind. You will see that you are able to communicate your own personal situation in regards to your current family life. If you're a Single open to meeting a single parent, that is an optional Preference as well.

Welcome to Single Parent Love Life and our community of gutsy, sexy, sensual and romantic members with whom you already have so much in common.

Dating as a single parent is not just about dating.

The lifestyle and love life of a single with children is as sexy and unique as you are. Gutsy, direct and straightforward, you have no time to waste. Our preferences are tailored to the kind of relationship you're looking for. You've given so much so often. Now it's time for you!

Dating as a single parent is not just about dating. You did that already - been there, done that. Now it's about finding someone who accepts the whole you, the package. Now it's more about understanding that "playing with someone you like or sharing activities" is a great foundation to any relationship - that every free moment is a moment worth taking advantage of.

With Single Parent Love Life you don't have to spend one moment *warning* potential suitors you are a parent in your profile. With Single Parent Love Life you're always "front of the line", your application for membership always accepted.

Safe Dating Tips Everyone Must Read (Especially Those With Children)

You may feel that you can be bolder than usual because you're protected by your keyboard and screen. We advise you to take your time. Keep reminding yourself that you should be "talking" to the person you've made contact with, with the same degree of respect and caution you'd exhibit if you met them in person for the first time. Don't let the fact that you're communicating via a computer lead you to take chances with your words. Begin by communicating solely via Single Parent Love life email, then look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Remember what Kramer from Seinfeld said, when it comes to instincts you "Jerry ya gotta trust the little man (or woman). Now what does the little man (or woman) tell you?" If your gut is telling you that you're uncomfortable with the person at the other side of your computer, then politely walk away.

Trust is something that is earned and that takes time. It's always better to err on the side of caution. Never include your last name, home address, phone number, place of work or any other identifying information in your profile or initial messages. Don't be afraid to stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for personal information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it.

Never feel guilty or shallow for insisting on seeing a recent picture. It's only natural and the first step to determining if there is chemistry. If all you hear are excuses about why you can't see a photo, consider that he or she has something to hide.

Hearing a person's voice can tell you so much about a person; tone, the way they emote, ability to really listen and respond and finally their social skills. (Guys, remember, women need you to listen!) Consider your security and do not reveal your personal phone number to a stranger. Try a cell phone number instead or use local telephone blocking techniques to prevent your phone number from appearing in Caller ID. Only furnish your phone number when you feel completely comfortable.

The best thing about Online dating you can slowly learn things about the person on the other side of the screen. You can take your time and ask any questions you want to. Don't feel pressured to meet before you are ready. Once you feel a level of trust has been established and feel you have the respect of the person you are interested in meeting, go ahead and choose a coffee shop, bookstore or other public place to meet.

We didn't know whether we should include this point, but we have heard stories of children coming out on first and early dates so again, better to err on the side of caution. Do not include your children in your dating life. Children do not have the emotional maturity to understand the process of your love life. They may still be hurt by your breakup with the other parent and resent you for assuming they're ready to meet your date. Only after significant time together with your new partner should you consider inviting the children to come along, and even then, the process should truly be taken in terms of baby steps.

As you become more experienced with Online dating you will come to recognize the red flags. We thought we would just give you a heads up to save you some time. Is the person you're courting online displaying anger or frustration? (e.g. "Why didn't you respond to me sooner?" or "Why don't you respond to my eight Instant Messages?" - yikes) Is this person attempting to control you or making disrespectful or inappropriate sexual comments? Is the person you're communicating to or dating refusing to offer up clear and concise information regarding their age, marital status, children or employment? Is this person refusing to speak to you on the phone even though you've established some intimacy together on Single Parent Love Life? And finally, is your date refusing to introduce you to the people who matter in their life? These are some of the key red flags you need to be aware of. What's the best course of action when a red flag makes an appearance? If you're not given a good explanation, just Block the person or walk away.

When you're going out on a date with someone new, tell a friend where you're going and bring along your cell phone. A good idea is to give your date an estimation of how much time you are willing to give on date #1. We recommend keeping it short to lower expectations. This makes it easier for you to leave if there is no chemistry. When you want the date to end, just say, "thank you but I have to go now".

If you are in any way afraid of your date, make it clear that you feel it's time for the date to end. If you want to, just slip out a back door, get in your car and drive away. Don't worry about how your actions come across to others. You don't have to impress anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are liars, cheaters and imposters on the Internet to be sure. And while we at Single Parent Love Life want to believe that our site attracts an honest and mature constituency we want to remind you to be vigilant. Remember, Intenet dating is a microcosm for the entire dating world. There are liars, cheaters and imposters in all walks of life. It's up to you to take a strong stance and cut them off from your sacred world as soon as your instincts tell you to.

Going from the one-dimensional world of online dating to the three-dimension world of meeting is a big leap. It's not always easy to live up to the picture. Give the person opposite you as much benefit of the doubt as possible. Be patient. Remember, it is likely that this stranger is as nervous as you are, and deep inside, a good person who only wants the exact same things you want - to be loved and appreciated.

Sign up Single Parent Love Life for free!

It's always free to sign up, create your profile, tell someone you like them by sending them a Smile, and of course it costs nothing to read the postings on the site and provide your comments. You'll want to purchase a subscription when you've decided to start sending or reading messages from other members. At Single Parent Love Life we don't want you to have to think twice about whether to join or not - we just want you to start enjoying the site and meeting others right away.

Welcome to Single Parent Love Life, the best Internet dating site for single parents and the enlightened singles open to meeting them.

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