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Night Languor Night Languor. Adolf's story about one of his magic night with Eva. It has been a hard night. I terribly want to sleep but I cannot. My wife, Eva, sleeps next to me. The moon romantically shines on her beautiful white porcelain-like face. She reminded me of the little kewpie dolls that little girls like to play with, but Eva's face was a bit more angled. As I kept worshipping her in her slumber with my eyes, I was aroused with a burning desire.
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Night Languor
Night Languor

Night Languor
Adolf's story about one of his magic night with Eva

It has been a hard night. I terribly want to sleep but I cannot. My wife, Eva, sleeps next to me. The moon romantically shines on her beautiful white porcelain-like face. She reminded me of the little kewpie dolls that little girls like to play with, but Eva's face was a bit more angled. As I kept worshipping her in her slumber with my eyes, I was aroused with a burning desire.

But I did not want to disturb Eva in her angelic slumber. If I would disturb her, the magical moment would be lost. Eva might even become angry at me. For a moment, I think, what the hell! She will not be happy, but I have a manly fire to quench. I know her too well.

But I also started to think, why be so impatient? I can do it in the morning. Eva will always be there, with mutual pleasure, without nervous conversations, explanations, or negotiations.

So I close my eyes again, trying to let my dreams flood in, but I find my subconscious like a dry cracked desert in the middle of summer. Dreams do not come to me easily.

My manliness still aroused, I am forced to make a decision, and finally I decide - I will do it right away or I will die! What is the problem problem? I am the man of the house! I wear the pants in this family and when I married Eva in front of God and the church, my husband whims were decreed. I have rights to do all I want. Anytime and anyway I like.

I move closer to Eva very carefully. Leaning on both hands, I lift my my right leg on her very gently.

Still worried about Eva's reaction to my early morning marital bliss rendezvous, I sucked in my breath.

Eva cried like a wild beast.

"Stop, who is here?" she said, then opened her eyes and pushed me away.

I was very disappointed, but determined.

My Eva is a military woman, a sergeant. She sleeps extremely lightly which is good training on duty.

In the past, she had explicitly told me that she hated me when I would break her from her sweet dreams. Sometimes she would refuse to quench my passion, but other times she would agree to my night carnality.

Strange kind of lottery. I can win. I can lose. I am clueless what I will get in this night.

"Bad little pig," I whisper our very secret password into her ear, and then gently kiss Eva's lips. "Please, listen. Do not refuse me tonight? Please, I love you. You know I need this."

"Bad little pig! You are crazy boar! Three o'clock in the morning!" she replied, very much irate.

"I'll do it quickly. You know me. I always do it very quickly," I pleaded.

"Preposterous! I'm so tired. I'm need to sleep! You are an idiot! Why don't you want it in the evening or in the morning?" she argued.

"I can't suffer all night! And I never can do it in the evening, you know. I have still not unwound from the day, " I explained.

"Everybody does it in the evening. And everybody can have it very well! Only you, like a narrow-minded school boy," Eva insulted.

I disliked her last reply. It stung me right down to my manhood. I felt my arousal dying out, but my reason for arguing was about to explode. Where did she get this cockeyed information about 'everybody' from? I know nothing of any scientific facts or literature saying that 'everybody' had it in the evening. She was being ridiculous!

"Eva, please, please, please! Help me. I can't sleep without it," I pleaded desperately.

"But I can't go to sleep after it! And do you think about our neighbors? There are too thin walls in our house. I hate the looks we have gotten before because they have heard us," she said, gathering the covers around her closer, scowling at me.

"I'll do it very silently. Like a little mouse," I tried to barter.

"No, no, no! Don't even think about it. You work very hard. It's been not an easy day for you. You've been working like a dog. I can't allow you to be exhausted after your night adventures," she continued to refuse.

"What are you talking about? Let me have a rest for while. Please give me this incomparable pleasure! You are my beautiful wife, and I need you to show me your love and I, the same," I said, kissing her cheek, then caressing her face as the moonlight also kissed it.

"Well, well, well. Do you really want it so much right now?" she smiled, but sounding a bit defeated.

"Yes, with all my hear, my Eva!" I said, now hopeful, and letting my thoughts run wild.

Maybe this skirmish would prove well for me?

"Before wedding," Eva sigh. "I suspected that you are a fan of this business. And I know for sure, you are just a dangerous maniac. I understand that this business is good and useful. But what about limits? You do not want to know any limits. You are ill. And I will treat you. I will bring bromine for you tomorrow. Bromine is an excellent thing! We treat soldiers with bromine. Against all illnesses. They sleep like little kids after bromine. And you will too."

"I don't want your bromine! I'm not a soldier! I'm a man! I have no battle tasks. I have simple functions and duties. By the way, I want to execute some of my duties," I said, feeling my emotions were being run through a rollercoaster ride. "I have insomnia, and I can't control it. I have seen doctors! I want it. And I'll do it right now!"

"Ok. But, this is a last time I let you do it in the middle of the night!" Eva finally gave in. "I may have to make you do it earlier in the evening for now on so I can get a decent sleep for the night."

"Surely, last time," I promised, beginning to move closer.

"Stop! Lay down! Do you promise to buy new boots for me?" she asked. "I will forgive you for this."

"Yes! Sure! I'll do it! Any boots you want! Moccasins! Hessian boots! Wellingtons! Platform boots! Napoleons!" I said and went to our bathroom.

I prefer a nice shower before it. It makes me feel more complete and happy!

After my refreshing shower, I go to the kitchen and turn on my computer. The pleasant music of the modem calms me almost feeling like a Buddhist munk during meditation. I read all my emails and browse the Internet for a while. There is no particular place that I websurf to, just things that perchance catch my eye. Finally, I am tired and pleased go to sleep.

Eva very roughly talks to someone in her dream. Probably me, but who knows? I am too tired and too relieved to hit my pillow for shuteye. I lay near her and instantly begin to sleep.
Authors: Juniper Iris (USA), Irina Abramova (Russia).

Night Languor.

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