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USA2017 :: America's largest database of babysitters and nannies.

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Sitter City. Sitter City is America's largest, most easily accessible database of babysitters and nannies. With over 150,000 caregivers nationwide, we think we're the Web's best way for parents and caregivers to contact each other and set up childcare jobs, and everyone else seems to agree: over 94% of Sittercity's users rate our service as "excellent." Sitter City. America's largest, most easily accessible database database of babysitters and nannies.
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Sitter City.
Sitter City.

Find a babysitter!

Do A Quick Search. Finding the perfect sitter for your family starts with telling us where your family is. Just give us your zip code, and we'll show you how many sitters we have within 10 miles of you.

View Results. Based on the zip code you entered, the site will display the names, reviews, qualifications, and closeness of the sitters near you. Click on any listing for more information about that sitter.

Refine Your Search. Too many great-looking sitters? Have more specific criteria in mind? No problem. Our Detailed Search page lets you specify exactly what you're looking for, from times available and rate charged all the way down to transportation, certifications, and languages spoken.

View Sitter Profiles. Now that you have a list of likely candidates, find out more about them. Clicking on any sitter in your search results list will take you to a full profile including reviews, references, a personal statement, photos, contact information, and even an online resume. You can save the best profiles to a list, contact any sitter through the site's private and secure e-mail system, and keep track of your progress through online notes.

Post Jobs. Want to make the process even easier? Have the sitters come to you by posting a job. The information you supply -- hours needed, pay available, number of children involved, and so on -- will be made visible to all registered sitters near you, and they can apply to you through e-mail if they're a match.

Screen And Interview. Now, with a great list of sitters to start from, you're ready for the last step: screening and interviewing offline. Our extensive Tips and Resources section has tons of parent-tested suggestions to make the process safe and simple. Everything you need, from our signature 4-Step Screening Process down to suggested interview questions and job checklists, is here.

Founder Genevieve Thiers started Sitter City with 20,000 flyers.
Founder Genevieve Thiers started Sitter City with 20,000 flyers.

Founder Genevieve Thiers started Sitter City with 20,000 flyers.

Sittercity is a privately-owned corporation founded in 2001 and is a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). We like to say that our site was created from a combination of blisters and flyers. With 20,000 flyers, founder Genevieve Thiers spread the Sittercity message over 12 major colleges in Boston on foot to gather an opening database of 600 babysitters (and many blisters) within three weeks.

The rest is history! Parents love our service for the accessibility it gives them to talented, caring babysitters and nannies, and sitters love it for the range of jobs it provides. sitters are over the age of 17, located nationwide, and often skilled in areas like pre-med, early childhood education, CPR, and first aid. Background checks are available on all consenting sitters.

Peoples love Sitter City!.

I found a great reliable sitter who met all my requirements (and who my children love) with very little effort on the Sittercity site. - Laurel L., Newton, MA.

I have lived in Fairfield County for two years and have been unable to find a babysitter. I learned of your site in Kiplinger's magazine. I logged in, posted a job and had eight replies within a day. I interviewed one candidate and hired her for a job that very day. She was great. My kids really liked her and my husband and I can have a life again! Thank you so much for a wonderful service. - Catherine L., Trumbull, CT.

Sittercity helped me find a sitter quickly and easily. - Elizabeth S., Cleveland, OH.

We went from no leads at all to more qualifed sitters than we could possibly use. - Neil S. , Newtonville, MA

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Sitter City.
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